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The LOC or LCO Method and why it’s a thing?
The LOC method is a styling technique that’s all about layering your products in a specific order to get hydrated, super-defined curls and coils. This method relies on hydrating the hair with water or water-based product. The moisture is then sealed in with an oil, and then the hair cuticles are closed using a cream, which prevents loss of moisture. It’s a pretty straightforward acronym: “L” for Liquid or leave-in, “O” for oil, and “C” for cream—and that’s the order you’ll want to apply your products or using the LCO method which means using the cream before the oil.

The Method:
L – Liquid or Leave-In Conditioner, put it in a spray bottle for easy use, use it to dampen your hair – work in sections to ensure proper penetration of liquid.
O – Oil your hair in sections to ensure that oil reaches all the ends of your hair – thats where special attention is needed as ends are very fran=gile and need more care.
C – Cream can be applied as the last step, also in sections ensuring every hair strand has enough moisture to seal the liquids.

See your hair as a plant, plants need water to grow and hair needs moisture to grow.

You can try both way and see which one works best for you and your hair. The LOC method is most ideally done on wash day when you’re starting with a freshly washed head, avoid using too much products frequently as product buildup may weigh down your curls and also cause bad scalp health which will slow down hair growth.

The LOC method can provide up to 2-3 days of hydrated hair if applied correctly, please refer to our post on how frequently you should shampoo your hair so that you can keep a healthy scalp.

All the best with the LOC/LCO method, this is every natural hair enthusiasts most used routine; it’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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