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What is a good hair routine

What’s a good hair routine?

Well, if what you’re doing is working, stick to it, regardless of what other natural hair enthusiasts are doing or what the natural hair community trend says. If, however, what you’re doing has left your hair stagnated with zero improvements or growth and health then you might want to start trying something different.

According to the best routine for natural hair is the following:
Full wash day once a month (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner)
Co-wash or deep condition biweekly. (We encourage weekly washes)
Use a protective style during the week.
Wear an afro or twist out during the weekends.
Use products like detangling spray, growth serum, and butter/oil to help style.
Sleep in a satin bonnet to protect hair.

The reason I share their advice is that I also believe that this routine if followed correctly could help take your hair from the plateau to new lengths and healthy strong, rich hair, also bear in mind that frequent trimming, proper detangling and daily moisture should be followed.

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