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laying edges safely

Here’s a guide to laying edges safely to protect your hairline and or edges.

Let’s start by asking if we really need to lay edges, well, some people prefer it, some frown upon it and some generally don’t know how to do it and settle with an old-fashioned sleek updo or back pony.

What does laying your edges do?
Laying your edges is a great way to combat frizz because it creates a more aesthetic hairstyle. There are several different ways that your edges can be laid. Some people create little loops. Others like spirals, curls, or swoops.

Can you damage your hairline from laying edges, the answer is, absolutely, if you don’t know how to manage it or apply the wrong edge control and gel.

Applying a moisturizing product will help you smooth down your edges without drying them out, which will help minimize breakage and flakes. You can use shea or cocoa butter, castor oil, or an alcohol-free gel. Also, avoid by all means sleeping with your edges as this can cause breakage and damage. rather instead wash the product out or comb it out.

I hope this helps all of you who were wondering if laying edges is a do or a don’t for natural hair.

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