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We obsess over hair type so much that we forget the best and only hair type to care about is healthy or unhealthy not ABC or 2,3,4. Here’s how you can tell if you don’t have to worry about your hair.

Your Hair Is Shiny and Smooth.

Your Hair Is Elastic.

Your Hair Detangles Easily.

Your Hair Sheds Daily.

Your Hair Is Constantly Growing.

Your Hair Does Not Frizz.

When to worry? When the opposite of the above happens… including excessive hair shedding that leaves patches.

No one even cares what hair type it is, if it’s Healthy, it’s beautiful.

How to keep your hair Healthy?

  • Apply/ massage hair growth/strengthening, scalp health oil into your scalp and all the way to the tips of your hair; wear a showercap for an hour and follow next step.
    •Detangle before shampoo (if you oiled your hair first, detangle before applying oil)
    •Shampoo frequently (at least once a week)
    •Condition your hair and detangle in this phase make sure you rinse it all out thoroughly
    •Deep condition or apply a hair mask and rinse it out thoroughly as well.
    •while your hair is wet apply your gel and or mousse to define your curls (if doing wash and go)
    •Dry your hair under a hooded dryer or use a hairdryer with a defuser nozzle.
    *Do not airdry your hair if you want elongated curls or afro… your hair will shrink faster than you can say “Shrinkage”
    •Don’t sleep with wet hair
    •Don’t tie your hair when it’s wet
    •Avoid tight hairstyles (Tight hairstyles don’t destroy the hairline only, it is lethal to your hair shaft)

I hope this was helpful. Save this info for your next big wash day💚

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